Interment or Scattering of Ashes

Life is to be celebrated, and the interment or the scattering of the ashes is the final part of the farewell ceremony.

Whether you keep hold of the funeral ashes in a cremation urn, or scatter them, it is up to you.

I am compassionate individual who helps people to carry out dignified scattering or interments. I will work with you to create an appropriate and meaningful ceremony. The ceremonies are often short yet personal and poignant.

Scattering  the ashes is often in a place that has held some personal significance to the deceased, and tends to include immediate family members and very close friends. Just a few short words or a poem provides this final gesture with some formality and dignity.

This maybe in the countryside on a particular day that is memorable to you and your family, or in your own garden under a sky full of stars.

The scattering of the ashes can take place almost anywhere and completely at a time of your choosing.