Wedding Ceremonies


You have made one of the most important and poignant decisions of your life.

You’re Getting Married!

You will want your wedding to be one of the most beautiful, personal, meaningful and memorable days ever.

If can be fun, romantic, traditional or deeply personal, and you can create your own personal promises to each other. Whatever your wishes, we can create and deliver the ceremony of your dreams; wherever and whenever, it is entirely your choice.

You can include music, poetry, readings, singing, in fact almost anything you desire can be included.

Venue Of Your Choosing

My ceremonies can provide you with the complete freedom to create an occasion that celebrates your marriage in any way you wish: any location, any venue, at any time of day.

This means that you can choose the environment in which to marry, and include your friends and family in the way that suits you best. This can prove a very cost effective option, without the expense of venue hire. It could be your favourite beach, garden, hotel or stately home. As there are no legal considerations for my ceremonies, they can take place anywhere at all!

Making It Legal

My ceremonies are not legally recognised, so most couples will visit a registry office in the days leading up to the ceremony. This enables you to deal with the legal formalities. Most couples say that my ceremony is their real wedding day, as what matters is celebrating their happiness and making their commitments in a way they have chosen and in front of the people that mean the most to them.

I will provide you with as much or as little support as you decide appropriate, in order to develop and deliver your perfect ceremony.