Adoption & Guardian Ceremonies

Why Have an Adoption or Guardian Ceremony?

An adoption celebration ceremony is a way to celebrate the unity of family. Adoption or gaining legal guardianship is a different way of becoming a parent.

Many of the rituals such as baptism, christening and naming ceremonies, which a biological parent may participate in, are sometimes missing from adoptive parenthood. Several factors make these rituals more difficult for adopting parents. An adoption celebration ceremony is a unique way to welcome your child officially into your family, after adoption has been legalised by the courts.

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The adoption celebration ceremony can also include a naming ceremony, where we celebrate the name that has already been given.

Planning a Ceremony

An Adoption Ceremony has no legal requirement, giving you the complete freedom to choose any words and readings that are meaningful to you. The Ceremony can be as long or short as you wish and can take place in almost any venue. Ceremonies at home and in gardens are increasingly popular, as this provides a very cost effective option, and a very personal touch.

Making the Ceremony Personal

There are several ways of adding to the celebration, such as planting a tree, scattering seeds, or the releasing of balloons. It could even be something seasonal like carving a pumpkin!