Shropshire Celebrant Service

Welcome to It’s All in a Name, a Shropshire-based Celebrant service established and run by myself, Jill Barcroft, to create and deliver a totally personalised service or ceremony.

I am able to work with you to discuss, create and deliver totally unique and personal services for those most personal and poignant moments in your lives.

  • Baby Naming Celebration
  • Adoption and Guardian Ceremony
  • Civil Wedding Ceremonies
  • Funeral /Celebration of Life Services
  • Memorial Service
  • Interment or Scattering of Ashes

Each service is individually designed for each unique situation. Having created your service, I will share it with you to ensure that it is a true and accurate representation of your wishes.

These milestones in our lives are important and symbolic, and are what we remember and reflect on for the rest of our lives.